Psychotherapy with enthusiasm

Jannik Bo RasmussenPerhaps you recognise for example that you…

  • have the feeling that you are somehow not quite OK, that you are guilty or wrong for no obvious reason
  • feel frustration or inner pressure as a recurrent state
  • are not connected with your wants and needs, and make an effort to satisfy the needs of others instead
  • experience feelings of gloominess, depression, or meaninglessness
  • have low self-esteem
  • feel dependent on others, or have problems with emotional intimacy
  • frequently experience insecurity or anxiety
  • have thoughts that incessantly go on about the same old theme, destructive thought patterns

Perhaps you are troubled by issues such as these, or you might be stuck without knowing how it happens, or maybe you simply want to continue your ongoing personal development. In any case, you don’t have to have a clear understanding of why it is like that, or what you need – that’s what I can help you with finding out.

Therapy is a matter of trust

Medlem af Dansk PsykoterapeutforeningPsychotherapy is a matter of trust, where it is crucial for the process that we have a healthy relation. I offer to meet you with my professionalism as a therapist, my humanness and my life experience, so that you can make progress in the areas where you feel the need – in a manner and a pace which is right for you.

We start out right where you want it. You are the one experiencing the wants and needs, and who knows just how it is to be you.

Here you can be both seen and heard. As the person you are, and the person you are about to become.

Achieve lasting change

I have graduated from an internationally accredited psychotherapy training programme of 4 years’ duration, have more than twenty years of practical experience and participate on a continuous basis in supervision – as well as practical and theoretical training.

I am friendly, emphatic and direct, and in my therapy I work from a holistic perspective with awareness of both thoughts, feelings and body reactions. Apart from being my own experience and belief, it is now also scientifically proven that mind, body and emotions are closely connected. And when we keep this in mind, you are likely to experience permanent changes which affect you on all levels.

You can read more about my background and ways of working here on the various pages on my website. Or call me on +45 40 33 48 67 to get more information.

In addition to Danish, I also give therapy in English and German.

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